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  • 0714eyremain1

    The Accidental Off-Roader

    Steve Eyre bought his Samurai to be a daily driver and says he got into off-roading by accident. He also says he’s rubbish at welding and started out with no idea of what he was doing.

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  • 0214chadmain1

    A Block Off The Old Chip

    Chris Chadwick only got into off-roading after his son built up a Vitara and took him in it to a Tong playday. Having realised how much fun you can have without going fast, however, this professional engineer took to it with real enthusiasm with a pioneering conversion using the 1.5...

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  • stimmain2

    Like Son, Like Father

    When we showed up to photograph Ashley Stimpson’s new Hi-Lux for our May issue, he said he’d bring along a couple of interesting Suzukis for us to check out too. One of them was a seriously gnarly Samurai which Ashley knows very well – because its owner, Steve Stimpson, is...

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  • DSC 0066

    Man O' War

    Mike Taggart’s first off-road experiences were aboard the biggest, gnarliest all-terrain vehicles of all. Then he finally got a 4x4 of his own – and it was a dinky little soft-top Suzuki Samurai. No surprise that eight years later, while it might still be a Suzuki Samurai, it’s no longer...

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  • DSC 9057

    Early Starter

    Mike Harris knew what he wanted: a red truck. It took him three and a half years to get there, but as it turns out it looks like he knew a lot more as well…

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  • 12117 103

    Unfinished Symphony

    Paul Ruddick has been building his SJ413 for ten years, but he still says it’s not finished. There’s more to it, though, than most vehicles achieve in a lifetime.

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  • 11035 118

    Weight Gain 4000

    It may have taken ten years, but it was only a matter of time before we got a South Park reference into the magazine. Andrew Hadley’s Suzuki is proof positive that while the rest of the world is obsessed with losing weight, sometimes you improve matters by piling it on.

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  • chinmain1

    Monster Mash

    Matt Chinnick took a diverse set of dead body parts and turned it into something that lived. Cue thunder, lightning and crashing organ chords, as a sort-of Suzuki emerges blinking from the crypt.

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  • skermain1

    The ZX-Factor

    Diesel converted SJs used to be all the rage, but they’re harder to come by nowadays. That’s why it’s so exciting to see a good example – especially when, like Carl Skerratt’s, it has a few other tricks up its sleeve as well.

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  • DochertySJ1 2

    Strip Show

    John Docherty has had a lot of vehicles. And he’s stripped down and rebuilt almost all of them. No surprises for guessing what he did with his Suzuki Santana, then… although as it turned out, that was just the beginning.

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  • 7154 050

    Life In The Slow Lane

    Shaun Higginbotham gave up motorcycle drag-racing to take on his awesome Suzuki SJ project. The speed at which he travels may have slowed a bit, then, but he reckons the thrills are every bit as intense!

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  • 7117 109

    Realised Potential

    It might sound like a dodgy school motto, but the title is a true reflection of what Mark MacMillan has achieved with his Suzuki SJ project. He bought it as a box of bits: but several man hours later, and it’s a 4x4 to be reckoned with…

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  • rectangle

    Park Life

    Mike Hatton’s interest in off-roading was spawned by a game called ‘extreme parking.’ But the Suzuki he’s built as a result is a lot more than just a show-off’s shopping cart…

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  • 7014 015


    When Troy Casaletto bought his Suzuki SJ, it was a ‘total wreck.’ Now there’s nothing of the wreck about it… nor indeed much of the Suzuki.

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  • DSC 1407

    Happy Homecoming

    Darren Finch started life as a Suzuki man but then emigrated to Planet Landy. Now he’s back – and with his latest modded SJ doing him proud, he’s happy to be home.

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  • DSC 1714

    Stop Me and Buy One

    John Hickling was driving along one day when he saw a ‘nice little thing’ parked outside someone’s house. Next thing he knew, he was taking it home… and on the verge of discovery a whole new way of life.

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  • 0306cannonsjmain2

    Cavalier Attitude

    If budget off-roading is your game, the Suzuki SJ is likely to be one of your favourite trucks. It’s cheap, easy to work on and has off-road ability in spades – especially if you equip it with a 2.0-litre performance engine from a Vauxhall Cavalier…

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  • 0206dominmain1

    Taking Stock

    Ian Dominey has been involved in motorsport for as long as he can remember. But he only came to off-roading last year, and he’s already won a couple of RTVs. Small wonder that it’s fast becoming his favourite hobby, then…

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  • 1205perfmain1

    Beat Box

    Larry Perfect’s Samurai may look more like an urban warrior than a serious mud-basher, but underneath the paint job lurks some serious off-road hardware. And Mr Perfect is just learning how to use it in anger…

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  • 1005butlerpickupmain1

    Pick Up Tricks

    Just when you thought the range of modifications for Suzuki SJs couldn’t get any wider, along comes Rob Butler with yet another piece of imaginative engineering. We headed to Sussex to get the lowdown on his latest truck…

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  • 0605budgetmain2

    Budget Special - Nick Lane's Suzuki SJ413 and Mark Sugden's Suzuki SJ410

    All of us enjoy off-roading but few can afford to spend huge quantities of money on their hobby. It’s all right, though, because as these three trucks demonstrate, you don’t have to be loaded to enjoy a piece of the mud-plugging pie…

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  • 0205samuraimain1

    Worth Weighting For

    Grant Taylor originally decided to build a modified Suzuki Samurai because it was the lightest 4x4 around.  And he’s happy with the result… even if his days of trying to save weight are already well in the past.

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