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  • main10

    Everyday Extreme

    With almost half a foot of lift, a locking rear diff and some seriously gnarly metalwork at both ends, Terry Garner’s Grand Vitara is very obviously an extreme off-roader. But he’s taken time to get it there without messing up its reliability – for the very good reason that it’s...

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  • millsmain1

    Playground Boolies

    Gemma Mills is truly made up with the Suzuki Jimny she takes out at playtime. So much so that she’s even made up a word for its wheels.

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  • DSC 1407

    Happy Homecoming

    Darren Finch started life as a Suzuki man but then emigrated to Planet Landy. Now he’s back – and with his latest modded SJ doing him proud, he’s happy to be home.

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  • 0105lovemain1new

    Going Live

    Everyone knows that independent front suspension has its limitations off-road, and everyone knows that despite this, the Suzuki Vitara is a giant-killing vehicle in the rough stuff.   Imagine, then, how good it would be with a live front end…

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