• 0406gallagmain1

    Modesty Permits

    Mark Gallagher is fairly new to off-roading, but he’s already got his priorities sorted. He won’t buy a component if he thinks he can make it cheaper, and he’s not keen on modifying things just for the sake of it. No wonder his Jimny’s a bit on the special side, then...

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  • 0605budgetmain2

    Budget Special - Nick Lane's Suzuki SJ413 and Mark Sugden's Suzuki SJ410

    All of us enjoy off-roading but few can afford to spend huge quantities of money on their hobby. It’s all right, though, because as these three trucks demonstrate, you don’t have to be loaded to enjoy a piece of the mud-plugging pie…

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  • 0505bennmain5

    Who Cares (As Long As You Care For Me)

    It may be the worst title in the history of the magazine trade, but at least we managed to find a Tony Bennett song with the word ‘long’ in it. Because another Tony Bennett has been making sweet music with a long-wheelbase Vitara. See what I did there, etc etc…

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