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  • 240

    Barbie does Hardcore...

    With its lurid green paintwork and Barbie-pink model badging, Dean Whittaker has to have a good sense of humour about the colour of his Suzuki.  When it comes to the way it's been modded for hardcore off-roading though,  everything about the truck is absolutely serious

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  • 0414foxmain1

    Method In The Madness

    Richard Fox is known as Vitara Mad on the forums he frequents. The more you see of the latest Suzuki he’s built, however, the more you’ll find yourself thinking that if this is the work of a madman, the line between insanity and genius must be a very fine one...

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  • cramain1

    Why Don't You...?

    Darrell Craven was watching TV one night when he decided to go and do something more interesting instead. That thing was to build himself an off-roader. There was only one problem – up to then, the closest he’d come to working on a vehicle was changing a set of brake...

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  • DSC 8882

    Family Fortunes

    Franco Rizzo’s half-brother used to own an old Vitara that was fit for not much more than a date with the scrap man. But having already built its front bumper, Franco was looking for an off-roader of his own. So he started making plans…

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  • rowmain1

    Love Is...

    Sean Rowell found himself with a new girlfriend and an old Vitara. Luckily for him, months of welding and hammering only served to bring them closer together… and now they’ve got an A1 off-road toy to enjoy together.

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  • popplemain1

    Caught Short

    If Steve Popple’s Vitara was any shorter, it would no longer be visible to the naked eye. You can certainly hear it coming, though – and going, almost anywhere.

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  • 1009coxmain2

    Smiles Per Mile

    Many people embark on off-road projects convinced that they’re going to build the greatest vehicle the world has ever seen. Simon Cox, on the other hand, has made his mods and improvements along the way, all the while learning about the vehicle he’s been doing them to.

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  • 6103 048

    Champagne Off-Roader

    It’s unlikely that Glyn Ellis’ Vitara has ever been compared to the favoured drink of the chattering classes before. But that’s what he paid for it… about the same price as a bottle of Moet.

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  • Scan 613


    Suzuki Vitaras are growing in popularity for off-road projects, but they’re still a rare sight at trials. Not least when, like Geoff Taylor’s, the Vitara in question isn’t actually a Vitara at all…

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  • 0505bennmain5

    Who Cares (As Long As You Care For Me)

    It may be the worst title in the history of the magazine trade, but at least we managed to find a Tony Bennett song with the word ‘long’ in it. Because another Tony Bennett has been making sweet music with a long-wheelbase Vitara. See what I did there, etc etc…

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  • 0105lovemain1new

    Going Live

    Everyone knows that independent front suspension has its limitations off-road, and everyone knows that despite this, the Suzuki Vitara is a giant-killing vehicle in the rough stuff.   Imagine, then, how good it would be with a live front end…

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