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  • main35

    The Pace of Change

    Almost two decades have passed since John Wasley decided to build his Suzuki Samurai. Since then, what was state of the art back has become distinctly old-school – but while the cutting edge of off-road engineering may have moved on, the pioneering mods he did back then mean it’s still...

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  • watmain21

    A Man Of His Word

    Nearly five years ago, when Richard Wattam’s first Samurai appeared in the pages of Total Off Road, he said that for his next trick he was going to build a spaceframe Suzuki. It’s been a while… but he’s kept his word.

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  • ormemain1

    In The Pink

    Gareth Orme bought himself a Samurai that was basically standard but for an interesting mixture of Barbie Pink and Ken Green paintwork. Since then, he’s fitted more mods than you can shake a stick at, rolled it four times and turned it from a station wagon into a pick-up.

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  • B3O9082

    Midnight Oil

    First time Dave Curtis went green laning, he was having so much fun he ended up staying out most of the night. Years later, he’s built a Suzuki Samurai with a spec like no other. It’s a tribute to his skills as an engineer – and, we reckon, a whole...

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  • 1109samuraimain1new

    The Armoury Show

    If all the world’s a stage, Rob Butler’s tricked-up Suzukis are among the most exciting acts to perform on it. He used to just build modified 4x4s – but nowadays, the man behind Off Road Armoury concentrates on making trick gear for DIY enthusiasts to instal on their own vehicles.

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  • 7015 002

    Special K

    Andy Woodhouse’s Suzuki looks a lot like any other modified Samurai. But beneath its bonnet hides a fascinating secret…

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  • 7018 045

    Altered Image

    Andy Barlow first got a Suzuki Samurai because he liked the 4x4 image. Since then, he’s discovered that he also likes the flexed-out, axle-twisted image – which is good, because his current Samurai has more articulation than almost any other leafer in Britain.

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  • 1205perfmain1

    Beat Box

    Larry Perfect’s Samurai may look more like an urban warrior than a serious mud-basher, but underneath the paint job lurks some serious off-road hardware. And Mr Perfect is just learning how to use it in anger…

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  • 0205samuraimain1

    Worth Weighting For

    Grant Taylor originally decided to build a modified Suzuki Samurai because it was the lightest 4x4 around.  And he’s happy with the result… even if his days of trying to save weight are already well in the past.

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