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    Weight Gain 4000

    It may have taken ten years, but it was only a matter of time before we got a South Park reference into the magazine. Andrew Hadley’s Suzuki is proof positive that while the rest of the world is obsessed with losing weight, sometimes you improve matters by piling it on.

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  • chinmain1

    Monster Mash

    Matt Chinnick took a diverse set of dead body parts and turned it into something that lived. Cue thunder, lightning and crashing organ chords, as a sort-of Suzuki emerges blinking from the crypt.

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    Love Is...

    Sean Rowell found himself with a new girlfriend and an old Vitara. Luckily for him, months of welding and hammering only served to bring them closer together… and now they’ve got an A1 off-road toy to enjoy together.

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    In The Pink

    Gareth Orme bought himself a Samurai that was basically standard but for an interesting mixture of Barbie Pink and Ken Green paintwork. Since then, he’s fitted more mods than you can shake a stick at, rolled it four times and turned it from a station wagon into a pick-up.

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    The ZX-Factor

    Diesel converted SJs used to be all the rage, but they’re harder to come by nowadays. That’s why it’s so exciting to see a good example – especially when, like Carl Skerratt’s, it has a few other tricks up its sleeve as well.

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    Guilty As Charged

    Jason Dolbear only got into off-roading because his kids had got bored of radio-controlled cars. But he’s learned a lot about building 4x4s as a result – and he’s turned out a particularly nice grass-roots Vitara in the process.

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    The Armoury Show

    If all the world’s a stage, Rob Butler’s tricked-up Suzukis are among the most exciting acts to perform on it. He used to just build modified 4x4s – but nowadays, the man behind Off Road Armoury concentrates on making trick gear for DIY enthusiasts to instal on their own vehicles.

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    Life In The Slow Lane

    Shaun Higginbotham gave up motorcycle drag-racing to take on his awesome Suzuki SJ project. The speed at which he travels may have slowed a bit, then, but he reckons the thrills are every bit as intense!

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    Park Life

    Mike Hatton’s interest in off-roading was spawned by a game called ‘extreme parking.’ But the Suzuki he’s built as a result is a lot more than just a show-off’s shopping cart…

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    Champagne Off-Roader

    It’s unlikely that Glyn Ellis’ Vitara has ever been compared to the favoured drink of the chattering classes before. But that’s what he paid for it… about the same price as a bottle of Moet.

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    Cavalier Attitude

    If budget off-roading is your game, the Suzuki SJ is likely to be one of your favourite trucks. It’s cheap, easy to work on and has off-road ability in spades – especially if you equip it with a 2.0-litre performance engine from a Vauxhall Cavalier…

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  • Scan 613


    Suzuki Vitaras are growing in popularity for off-road projects, but they’re still a rare sight at trials. Not least when, like Geoff Taylor’s, the Vitara in question isn’t actually a Vitara at all…

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    The X Factor

    It’s not every day you come across a Suzuki X90 with 31-inch Grizzly Claws, six inches of lift and a custom-made roll cage. And it’s not often that a vehicle provides us with such a golden opportunity to use one of the corniest headlines in history.

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    Worth Weighting For

    Grant Taylor originally decided to build a modified Suzuki Samurai because it was the lightest 4x4 around.  And he’s happy with the result… even if his days of trying to save weight are already well in the past.

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