• 0114kirkmain3

    Small Steps

    Tom Kirk’s Suzuki Jimny stands almost 9” taller than it did when he bought it. But it’s not on a huge suspension lift, nor a huge body lift, nor huge spacers, nor huge tyres. By combining lots of different techniques and not going overboard on any of them, he’s created...

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  • main35

    The Pace of Change

    Almost two decades have passed since John Wasley decided to build his Suzuki Samurai. Since then, what was state of the art back has become distinctly old-school – but while the cutting edge of off-road engineering may have moved on, the pioneering mods he did back then mean it’s still...

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  • DSC 0066

    Man O' War

    Mike Taggart’s first off-road experiences were aboard the biggest, gnarliest all-terrain vehicles of all. Then he finally got a 4x4 of his own – and it was a dinky little soft-top Suzuki Samurai. No surprise that eight years later, while it might still be a Suzuki Samurai, it’s no longer...

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  • chinmain1

    Monster Mash

    Matt Chinnick took a diverse set of dead body parts and turned it into something that lived. Cue thunder, lightning and crashing organ chords, as a sort-of Suzuki emerges blinking from the crypt.

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  • baxmain3

    Scale Model

    The Suzuki Jimny is a diminutive truck that delights with its cutesy charm, right? Not when you fit G-Wagen axles, three-link front suspension and a 2.8-litre engine, it isn’t. Then, the giant-killer becomes the giant…

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  • 7018 045

    Altered Image

    Andy Barlow first got a Suzuki Samurai because he liked the 4x4 image. Since then, he’s discovered that he also likes the flexed-out, axle-twisted image – which is good, because his current Samurai has more articulation than almost any other leafer in Britain.

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