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  • 0314brigmain1

    Serial Modding

    When you’ve already owned a Fourtrak on 33s and a Terrano with twin winches, the idea of building a Jimny for simple playday fun might sound a bit tame. No surprise, then, that having started out on that route, Jay Briggs soon found himself turning his  Suzuki into a challenge machine.

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  • 0214chadmain1

    A Block Off The Old Chip

    Chris Chadwick only got into off-roading after his son built up a Vitara and took him in it to a Tong playday. Having realised how much fun you can have without going fast, however, this professional engineer took to it with real enthusiasm with a pioneering conversion using the 1.5...

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  • DSC 8882

    Family Fortunes

    Franco Rizzo’s half-brother used to own an old Vitara that was fit for not much more than a date with the scrap man. But having already built its front bumper, Franco was looking for an off-roader of his own. So he started making plans…

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  • chinmain1

    Monster Mash

    Matt Chinnick took a diverse set of dead body parts and turned it into something that lived. Cue thunder, lightning and crashing organ chords, as a sort-of Suzuki emerges blinking from the crypt.

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  • 9099 076

    Guilty As Charged

    Jason Dolbear only got into off-roading because his kids had got bored of radio-controlled cars. But he’s learned a lot about building 4x4s as a result – and he’s turned out a particularly nice grass-roots Vitara in the process.

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  • 1109samuraimain1new

    The Armoury Show

    If all the world’s a stage, Rob Butler’s tricked-up Suzukis are among the most exciting acts to perform on it. He used to just build modified 4x4s – but nowadays, the man behind Off Road Armoury concentrates on making trick gear for DIY enthusiasts to instal on their own vehicles.

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  • rectangle

    Park Life

    Mike Hatton’s interest in off-roading was spawned by a game called ‘extreme parking.’ But the Suzuki he’s built as a result is a lot more than just a show-off’s shopping cart…

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  • 7014 015


    When Troy Casaletto bought his Suzuki SJ, it was a ‘total wreck.’ Now there’s nothing of the wreck about it… nor indeed much of the Suzuki.

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  • DSC 1714

    Stop Me and Buy One

    John Hickling was driving along one day when he saw a ‘nice little thing’ parked outside someone’s house. Next thing he knew, he was taking it home… and on the verge of discovery a whole new way of life.

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  • 6103 048

    Champagne Off-Roader

    It’s unlikely that Glyn Ellis’ Vitara has ever been compared to the favoured drink of the chattering classes before. But that’s what he paid for it… about the same price as a bottle of Moet.

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  • 6035 026

    Nicely Does It

    If you’re on the hunt for a tidy off-roader with shiny bodywork and hardly any rust, you probably wouldn’t go looking for an SJ, right? Well, it might be time to have a rethink, because we reckon we’ve found the tidiest Suzuki in town…

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  • 0306cannonsjmain2

    Cavalier Attitude

    If budget off-roading is your game, the Suzuki SJ is likely to be one of your favourite trucks. It’s cheap, easy to work on and has off-road ability in spades – especially if you equip it with a 2.0-litre performance engine from a Vauxhall Cavalier…

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  • 0206dominmain1

    Taking Stock

    Ian Dominey has been involved in motorsport for as long as he can remember. But he only came to off-roading last year, and he’s already won a couple of RTVs. Small wonder that it’s fast becoming his favourite hobby, then…

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  • 0805tourmain4

    The X Factor

    It’s not every day you come across a Suzuki X90 with 31-inch Grizzly Claws, six inches of lift and a custom-made roll cage. And it’s not often that a vehicle provides us with such a golden opportunity to use one of the corniest headlines in history.

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