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    The Magnificent 7

    Ollie Brooks only bought himself a Ford Explorer because it was cheaper than getting a van. But then a friend got him interested in o -roading, and suddenly the vehicle’s name started to mean something. This is a sort-of tale of exploration – the kind that happens in the workshop when you set off in search of...

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    Ford Ranger ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    Ford has had enough of being an also-ran in the pick-up market. The new Ranger makes it abundantly clear: the blue oval means business.

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    A Ranger of Talents

    TBR’s latest Ford Ranger demo is the perfect dual-purpose vehicle. Loaded up with tools, it’s a willing workhorse for the daily 9-5. But a quick transition at the weekend makes it the ideal vehicle for an overland adventure…

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    Up, Up and Away

    Britain’s first ever off-road expedition happened years before 4x4s were invented. It turned the Ford Model T into the car that climbed Ben Nevis… and inspired intrepid off-roaders to mount assaults on the highest peak in the land for generations to comeIf you’ve been living in a cave for the...

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