• 0414foxmain1

    Method In The Madness

    Richard Fox is known as Vitara Mad on the forums he frequents. The more you see of the latest Suzuki he’s built, however, the more you’ll find yourself thinking that if this is the work of a madman, the line between insanity and genius must be a very fine one...

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  • savmain1

    To Begin At The Beginning

    When Chris Savage bought a Suzuki Jimny that had already been modified, he knew he was taking a risk. He’s moved the project on to the next level and turned it into the truck he wanted – but to make that leap forward, first he had to take a step...

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  • 12117 103

    Unfinished Symphony

    Paul Ruddick has been building his SJ413 for ten years, but he still says it’s not finished. There’s more to it, though, than most vehicles achieve in a lifetime.

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  • 11035 118

    Weight Gain 4000

    It may have taken ten years, but it was only a matter of time before we got a South Park reference into the magazine. Andrew Hadley’s Suzuki is proof positive that while the rest of the world is obsessed with losing weight, sometimes you improve matters by piling it on.

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