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  • Webcon SuzukiDGAVKit

    New Kit For Vitara Weber Conversion

    WHEN YOU BUY AN EARLY SUZUKI and want to take it off-road, one of the first things you’re likely to do is chuck the original carburettor in the bin. In its place, you’ll put one – usually a Weber – that doesn’t starve the engine of petrol first time you try...

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  • Britpart clutch

    Heavy-Duty Clutches for TDIs

    If you run a 200 or 300Tdi Defender, Discovery or Range Rover, it’s probably occurred to you at some point that a heavy-duty clutch wouldn’t go amiss. Our own editor is prone to some very dark mutterings when this subject comes up.

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  • Webcon

    Keeping Crud Out Of Your Carbs

    Not many off-roaders run carbs these days, but if yours is a Weber from the 45DCOE, 44/48IDF, 48DCO/SP or 48IDA ranges you might forever be looking at those big, wide air trumpets and cringing at what could get sucked into them.

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  • bearmach EGR

    300TDI EGR Removal

    We all know about EGR valves  – annoying items to be removed and disposed of immediately. Standing for Exhaust Gas Recirculation, this little gadget aims to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by recirculating some of your truck’s exhaust gases back into its engine.

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  • P1050015

    Megasquirt Is Here To Save The World – From The Curse Of The Scissor-Stay...

    There are lots of reasons to love the Land Rover Defender. But there are lots of reasons to hate it, too, and one of them is the scissor-style bonnet stay that’s left so many owners swearing loudly.

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  • Webcon SuzukiManifld

    Twin-Weber Manifold for Samurai

    There's not a lot of Suzuki Samurais left that haven’t had major work done to their original 1.3-litre engine (such as removing it altogether for a Vitara unit or Vauxhall diesel instead). But if you find one still in factory form and fancy turning it into even more of a...

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  • Fuel Cat

    Made-To-Measure High Tension Leads

    Formula Power has launched a new range of HT ignition leads which are made-to-measure for individual vehicles – meaning you don’t have to cut them to length when fitting them. Made from high-quality 10mm cable, they promise low resistance and, therefore, a good, strong spark at the plug.

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  • JenveyTAP48iThrtBods

    Jenvey Throttle Bodies for V8s

    Got an American V8 in your truck? If so, chances are you’re running Weber IDA downdraft carbs… but chances are also that what you’d really like to do is put it on fuel injection.

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  • V10 VW Touareg Dyno

    New Tuning Boost for Hard-Working Diesels

    Diesel tuning has become a very big deal in the last decade or so, and the latest name in the market has something special to offer – because it’s been designed specifically for oil-burners. Launched at the end of last year, Varra is ‘a tuning solution specifically for diesel vehicles’...

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  • DEi Chill Charger CROPPED

    What a Cool Idea, etc...

    Design Engineering’s Chill Charger is an intercooler additive intended to improve heat transfer. It claims to ‘lower air intake temperatures while also protecting the intercooler core from corrosion, electrolysis and harmful mineral build up.’

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  • TMS 2JZ Stroker Kit

    Stroker Kit for Toyota Powerhouse

    The last-generation Toyota Supra is best remembered as an example of how much harm the chav scene is capable of doing to a perfectly good car. But the 2JZ straight-six twin-turbo under its bonnet was a legend, cranking out 320bhp and still more in the way of torque, and there’s...

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  • 5583 plus

    Keep Your 4x4 Cool Under Pressure

    We’ve written about hundreds of modded 4x4s and special builds down the years. And of all the teething problems people tell us they had with them, one of the most common has got to be that the cooling system didn’t work.

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  • DEi TitaniumPipeShld

    Lava Rock Heat Shields

    Exhaust heat shields aren’t exactly the stuff of off-road legend. But when your engine’s giving it everything while you crawl forward at half a mile an hour on the end of a winch cable, keeping on top of the temperature under the bonnet is definitely the stuff of reality.

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  • Webcon Duct Hose

    Heavy-Duty Duct Hoses From Webcon

    A new range of heavy-duty duct hoses has been released by Webcon, aimed specifically at off-road enthusiasts. Made from durable rubber, this has been designed for use in extreme conditions, and its 70mm inside diameter ends can be used on round or oval plenums and air filters.

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  • Viper UniversalTanks

    Multi-Purpose Tanks From Viper

    Viper Performance doesn't specialise in off-road stuff, but its new range of small alloy tanks could certainly rock your world if you’re doing major jobs beneath your truck’s bonnet. Available in anodised black or polished natural aluminium, these are intended to be used as reservoirs, breather tanks, swirl pots and...

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