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  • Webcon SuzukiDGAVKit

    New Kit For Vitara Weber Conversion

    WHEN YOU BUY AN EARLY SUZUKI and want to take it off-road, one of the first things you’re likely to do is chuck the original carburettor in the bin. In its place, you’ll put one – usually a Weber – that doesn’t starve the engine of petrol first time you try...

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  • Webcon SuzukiManifld

    Twin-Weber Manifold for Samurai

    There's not a lot of Suzuki Samurais left that haven’t had major work done to their original 1.3-litre engine (such as removing it altogether for a Vitara unit or Vauxhall diesel instead). But if you find one still in factory form and fancy turning it into even more of a...

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