Keeping Crud Out Of Your Carbs

Originally Published: August 2015

Not many off-roaders run carbs these days, but if yours is a Weber from the 45DCOE, 44/48IDF, 48DCO/SP or 48IDA ranges you might forever be looking at those big, wide air trumpets and cringing at what could get sucked into them.

Well, it’s not what you’d call high-level dust protection but Webcon has just launched a set of Domed Screen Intakes, which incorporate a simple mesh filter to keep debris out. They only purport to offer a basic level of protection, but when you spend half your live kicking up stones and disturbing fallen leaves and twigs, that could be just what you need.

The domes are supplied in pairs and are a push-fit into the air trumpets, after which you can adjust them slightly with pliers for a perfect fit. You’ll pay £34.49 plus VAT; there are different models to suit different carbs, so visit to find out the full story.


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