• Puma tuning

    Puma tuning? It's in the box.

    THE ART OF TUNING used to be all about things like shaved heads and ported manifolds, but on modern engines the commonest thing to do is just shove in a bit of software. The results can be startling, of course, particularly on diesels which come out of the factory developing...

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  • handsome harcore header tank

    Handsome, hardcore header tank

    THERE’S NOTHING QUITE LIKE A BIT OF POLISHED ALUMINIUM to light things up in a Land Rover’s engine bay. Obviously, though, it only counts if it also has a function, but that’s fine – we don’t drive these things because they look pretty, do we?

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  • Britpart clutch

    Heavy-Duty Clutches for TDIs

    If you run a 200 or 300Tdi Defender, Discovery or Range Rover, it’s probably occurred to you at some point that a heavy-duty clutch wouldn’t go amiss. Our own editor is prone to some very dark mutterings when this subject comes up.

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  • DA1195

    120-Amp Alternator for 200Tdi

    As the Defender gets ever more complicated under the bonnet, and Land Rover moves towards replacing it with a vehicle most traditional owners assume will be even less DIY-friendly, rebuilding old ones is becoming more and more popular.

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