• Webcon

    Keeping Crud Out Of Your Carbs

    Not many off-roaders run carbs these days, but if yours is a Weber from the 45DCOE, 44/48IDF, 48DCO/SP or 48IDA ranges you might forever be looking at those big, wide air trumpets and cringing at what could get sucked into them.

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  • Webcon SuzukiManifld

    Twin-Weber Manifold for Samurai

    There's not a lot of Suzuki Samurais left that haven’t had major work done to their original 1.3-litre engine (such as removing it altogether for a Vitara unit or Vauxhall diesel instead). But if you find one still in factory form and fancy turning it into even more of a...

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  • Webcon Duct Hose

    Heavy-Duty Duct Hoses From Webcon

    A new range of heavy-duty duct hoses has been released by Webcon, aimed specifically at off-road enthusiasts. Made from durable rubber, this has been designed for use in extreme conditions, and its 70mm inside diameter ends can be used on round or oval plenums and air filters.

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