• AmD AmarokFltrRemap

    New Tuning Options For Amarok

    If you see a nearly-new 4x4 being modded for off-road use, what’s it most likely to be? Land Rover Defenders usually take a few years before the fun starts, and with Jeep Wranglers it’s longer still. As for everything else, it takes so long most of it’s out of production now.

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  • V10 VW Touareg Dyno

    New Tuning Boost for Hard-Working Diesels

    Diesel tuning has become a very big deal in the last decade or so, and the latest name in the market has something special to offer – because it’s been designed specifically for oil-burners. Launched at the end of last year, Varra is ‘a tuning solution specifically for diesel vehicles’...

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  • Viper UniversalTanks

    Multi-Purpose Tanks From Viper

    Viper Performance doesn't specialise in off-road stuff, but its new range of small alloy tanks could certainly rock your world if you’re doing major jobs beneath your truck’s bonnet. Available in anodised black or polished natural aluminium, these are intended to be used as reservoirs, breather tanks, swirl pots and...

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