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  • Britpart rock sliders

    Britpart Launches 90/110 Rock Sliders

    Rock sliders are pretty much a must-have part of any serious off-road build these days. On a Defender, even if you don’t intend to go dragging it over hardcore terrain, a decent bit of steel will make the difference between shrugging off a chance meeting with a tree stump and...

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  • bfdef0003

    More Class For The Humble Steering Guard

    Steering guards come in all shapes and sizes and some look a lot better than others. Safe to say, though, that in general this is an area in which form has tended to take precedence over function.

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  • Bearmach sand cowl 2

    Keep Out The Sand (And The Rain...)

    On the odd occasion that Britain has some fine weather, we will make use of our wonderful coastline and visit some sort of beach. You know, the one that looks like a scene out of Lost when the rains hit…

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  • 3

    New Defender Hard-Tops from Alu-Cab

    We’ve already spoken recently about Alu-Cab’s aluminium hard-tops for vehicles like the Hi-Lux, D-Max, Ranger and Amarok. And now you can add the Land Rover Defender to that list, because the latest addition to the range on offer from the South African company is designed to fit pick-up and double-cab...

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  • DSC 4129

    Rock and Tree Sliders Courtesy of MM4x4

    MM4x4 recently added these Rock and Tree Sliders to its ever-growing range of protection products for the Land Rover Defender. They’re made from heavy-duty 4mm tube, the same applying to the Body Sliders the same company also now offers.

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  • INV MAIN 01 copy

    Adding Eye Appeal To The Humble Steering Guard

    There’s plenty of steering guards in the world, but Invision 4x4’s new INV4x4-001 unit is a bit different in that it was created to be stylish as well as functional. Designed specifically for the Land Rover Defender market, it might have a bit of a plonky sounding name but that...

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  • MM steering guard

    Heavy-Duty Pro-Trac Steering Protection

    The latest hardcore kit from MM4x4’s own-brand Pro Trac range is a heavy-duty steering guard for the Land Rover Defender, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic. A one-piece construction made in the UK, it’s fabricated from 5mm thick steel plate and comes with 10mm recovery eyes.

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  • Motorhaubenscharnier 20

    Keep Your Bonnet On

    Defender theft is almost never out of the news. Normally, it’s whole vehicles that go missing, never to be seen again (at least by people who deserve to stay alive) – but to the pond-life in whose eyes other people’s property is simply an opportunity, even something as banal as...

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  • Britpart roofrack1

    Britpart Launching Roof Racks at the Double…

    Britpart is now offering Safety Devices’ Explorer roof racks, which offers the choice of being fitted to the rain gutters of a Land Rover Defender, or alternatively clamped to one of the same company’s roll cages.

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  • Britpart Black Bonnet

    Britpart Black Bonnet

    If you've got a Defender that needs a new bonnet (and it happens), Britpart has launched one that’s half the weight of the original. Made from GRP and finished in gloss black, it has return edges for strength on all four sides underneath for strength rigidity, as well as a...

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  • AJD Bumper 1

    AJD Adds DRL Bumper

    Ever since February 2011, when the EU started requiring new cars to have daytime running lamps (DRLs), manufacturers have been working out ways of incorporating them into their headlamp designs. The best look very, very cool: the worst look, er, not.

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  • YRM1

    Defence for Defender

    Some of our favourite aftermarket products for basic Land Rover Defenders are the kind that are designed to protect you from them. Step forward the X-Trouser, for example. But YRM Metal Solutions’ latest bit of kit is meant to do the opposite by protecting your truck from you.

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  • D44c

    Devon Diff Defence

    Tree stump or rock: which one is it going to be? Oh, the agony of choice…

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  • Acme Vent Pin

    A Little Less Rust

    Acme Wildside, the company behind the now-famous Defender Demister, has brought out another product to make life that bit less infuriating for owners of Land Rover’s finest. Its stainless steel vent hinge pin kit is a like-for-like swap, replacing an item which on Defenders of a certain age is very...

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