• Omix ADA Jeep CJ 8 Steel Body Tub High Res

    Body Tubs For CJ8 Jeeps

    This is a bit of a specialist one, but if it’s what you need there’ll be nothing else like it. Omix-ADA, a US manufacturer of Jeep accessories, has introduced a new replacement steel body tub for the CJ8.

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  • IMG 2535

    100% Aluminium Hard-Tops For Pick-Ups

    When you fit a hard-top on a pick-up truck, one of the biggest drawbacks you face is that in the eyes of the taxman, its weight has to be subtracted from the vehicle’s payload. And if that pulls it under the all-important 1000kg limit, he’ll take your children away, sell...

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  • Britpart Black Bonnet

    Britpart Black Bonnet

    If you've got a Defender that needs a new bonnet (and it happens), Britpart has launched one that’s half the weight of the original. Made from GRP and finished in gloss black, it has return edges for strength on all four sides underneath for strength rigidity, as well as a...

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  • bac pac hardtop dmax single

    Tough Tops for Working Trucks

    Amid all the glammy stuff that’s gone on in the pick-up world over the last decade and a half, it’s pleasing to see that the aftermarket hasn’t lost sight of what these vehicles were designed for in the first place.

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  • SPALElectricWindwKit

    What a Wind Up...

    We're not sure what use it is off-road, but we’ve come across plenty of 90 and 110 owners who want to upgrade to electric windows. So the new Deluxe Electric Window kit from Spal is just the ticket.

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  • Truckman Ranger Utility Top

    Truckman Adds To Ranger Range

    Auto Styling Truckman has launched a couple of new products for the Mk5 Ford Ranger. That’s the previous model to the one Ford brought out early last year, which means normal people might even be able to afford it.

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  • Extang

    Top Tonneaus Come To Britain

    Auto Styling Truckman has announced the launch of Extang tonneau covers in the UK. A leading name in its home country of America, Extang has been at the top of the market for 30 years, and its current range is the result of continuous innovation and refinement throughout that time.

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  • UpCountry2

    Smart Range of Truck Tops Launches Into Britain

    Up-Country Autoproducts has introduced the Smart brand of pick-up hard-tops. Offering high-value prices and loads of standard features, these are available for a wide range of trucks and typically cost less than a grand ex-VAT.

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