• Motorhaubenscharnier 20

    Keep Your Bonnet On

    Defender theft is almost never out of the news. Normally, it’s whole vehicles that go missing, never to be seen again (at least by people who deserve to stay alive) – but to the pond-life in whose eyes other people’s property is simply an opportunity, even something as banal as...

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  • Rugged Ridge Performance Vented Hood Product Image Only High Res

    New JK Bonnet Is Cool In Every Sense

    If you're modding a current-model Jeep Wrangler and finding yourself running into problems with overheating, Rugged Ridge has just introduced a solution that ticks every box we can think of. Available for all JK Wranglers from 2007-on, the Performance Vented Hood is a retro-fit bonnet with extra ventilation areas –...

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  • Britpart Black Bonnet

    Britpart Black Bonnet

    If you've got a Defender that needs a new bonnet (and it happens), Britpart has launched one that’s half the weight of the original. Made from GRP and finished in gloss black, it has return edges for strength on all four sides underneath for strength rigidity, as well as a...

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