Keep Out The Sand (And The Rain...)

Originally Published: May 2015

On the odd occasion that Britain has some fine weather, we will make use of our wonderful coastline and visit some sort of beach. You know, the one that looks like a scene out of Lost when the rains hit…

Anyway, the point is that this sand business gets everywhere, in every crack and hole it can find. Yes, and the cracks and holes in your Land Rover, too.

This is something anybody who’s driven across a desert will agree with. But at least now your Defender needn’t be coughing out sand dunes long into the autumn when that weather has well and truly gone. Or, indeed, once you’re out of the desert and rumbling homeward across Europe.

That’s because Bearmach has launched a new sand/snow cowl to fit over the grilles on either of your Defender’s wings. This is suitable for all Defenders, including the Puma variant, and will help stop any foreign bodies entering into your Landy’s heater ducts.

You’ll have noticed that you have a wing on either side of your Defender, so two cowls you shall need. They’re priced with an SRP of £28.00 each, which is a little money for a lot of protection – so now you can go to Weston-super-Mare, or the Kalahari, with peace of mind. Make your first stop on the way.


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