New Defender Hard-Tops from Alu-Cab

Originally Published: January 2015

We’ve already spoken recently about Alu-Cab’s aluminium hard-tops for vehicles like the Hi-Lux, D-Max, Ranger and Amarok. And now you can add the Land Rover Defender to that list, because the latest addition to the range on offer from the South African company is designed to fit pick-up and double-cab versions of the 110 and 130.

Imported to the UK by XS4x4, Alu-Cab is one of those companies that started with one product and has grown into associated areas. And that one product was… yes, aluminium canopies. So it stands to reason that they know what they’re doing with this.

‘They may not look as flush as their fibreglass competitors,’ says the company with a laudable level of honesty. ‘But that is where the comparison ends. In every other aspect, aluminium canopies win hands down.’

That’s quite a boast. But the company says its products will last longer than GRP, with no weathering or cracking, while providing major weight savings against steel. It’s strong, too: ‘One of our customers has an aluminium canopy that has been involved in no less than three road accidents – all roll overs,’ says Alu-Cab. ‘Yet to date, it’s still in use and as strong as ever.’

With full-length side doors providing a unique degree of access to every part of the load bed, and canopy designs allowing you to bolt on everything from storage cupboards and kitchen units to gas bottle and jerry can holders as and when you need them, these canopies score high marks in terms of practicality. They’re strong up top, too, with roof crossmembers allowing you to load items directly on to it – that even goes for roof tents, too, which can simply be bolted into place.

If you run 4x4s as part of a business and you’ve been given environmental targets to achieve, it’s also worth noting that being made from pure aluminium, these hard-tops are 100% recyclable at the end of their lives. Not that there’s much evidence to suggest that this will be happening any time soon – people who buy Defenders plan to keep them, and for that reason alone these canopies seem very well suited to Land Rover’s biggest and best.

Alu-Cab’s canopies tend to cost more than the plastic equivalent, but they look like a classic example of getting what you pay for. To find out more, check in on the UK importer at


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