• Britpart Black Bonnet

    Britpart Black Bonnet

    If you've got a Defender that needs a new bonnet (and it happens), Britpart has launched one that’s half the weight of the original. Made from GRP and finished in gloss black, it has return edges for strength on all four sides underneath for strength rigidity, as well as a...

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  • AJD Bumper 1

    AJD Adds DRL Bumper

    Ever since February 2011, when the EU started requiring new cars to have daytime running lamps (DRLs), manufacturers have been working out ways of incorporating them into their headlamp designs. The best look very, very cool: the worst look, er, not.

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  • SPALElectricWindwKit

    What a Wind Up...

    We're not sure what use it is off-road, but we’ve come across plenty of 90 and 110 owners who want to upgrade to electric windows. So the new Deluxe Electric Window kit from Spal is just the ticket.

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  • SafetyDev1

    The Rack Is Back For Safety Devices

    Safety Devices had recently announced that its Highlander roof racks for the Discovery 1 and 2 have gone back into production. The racks were withdrawn from sale some time ago, but the Suffolk-based roll cage specialist started testing the market for potential demand last year and asked customers to vote...

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  • D44c

    Devon Diff Defence

    Tree stump or rock: which one is it going to be? Oh, the agony of choice…

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  • Acme Vent Pin

    A Little Less Rust

    Acme Wildside, the company behind the now-famous Defender Demister, has brought out another product to make life that bit less infuriating for owners of Land Rover’s finest. Its stainless steel vent hinge pin kit is a like-for-like swap, replacing an item which on Defenders of a certain age is very...

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