More Class For The Humble Steering Guard

Originally Published: June 2015

Steering guards come in all shapes and sizes and some look a lot better than others. Safe to say, though, that in general this is an area in which form has tended to take precedence over function.

Not so with this new Defender Steering Guard from Belly Fender. For sure, it has plenty of function to it – but in addition to just being strong, it was designed to look great too.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, so we’ll let the pictures tell their own story on that front. For the record, though, we think it’s drop-dead gorgeous.

In terms of the protection you get from it, the plate itself is made from 6mm marine-grade aluminium. This is CNC-machined so that all forward-facing edges have a 2.5mm radius.

The mounting brackets use 5mm mild steel, and the guard attaches to them using A2 stainless steel fasteners. The whole lot is then fixed to the chassis with 10.9-grade bolts, leaving you with new lashing hoops which have a 16mm diameter and, lest you miss them, are red.

The guard, which fits all Defenders up to the 2015 model year, comes with full fitting instructions and is priced at £295 inclusive of VAT. To find out more, contact the dealer at


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