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  • Catalogue Fleet 24 1

    Rival Adds New Ally Bash Plate Fitments

    We let you know a couple of months ago about the Russian outfit Rival, whose heavy-duty skid plates have recently launched on to the UK market. As we said at the time, it’s a big multinational operation which is developing new fitments at a pretty breathtaking rate – and what...

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  • DSC09533

    Rhino 4x4 Bumpers: Sexiest Metal Ever?

    Some bumpers are large. Some are lairy. Some even make a big deal of being discreet. But it’s been a long time since we saw a pick-up truck looking as funky, cool and downright rude as those wearing Rhino4x4’s Evolution bumpers.

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  • UpCountry1

    Roll Tops for Latest Trucks

    The Mountain Top Roll is a ‘revolutionary’ new retractable pick-up bed cover that claims to be a ‘vast improvement’ on what’s gone before in its sector of the market. Made in Denmark, it’s been fully tested and approved as OE fit by several vehicle manufacturers.

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