• Omix ADA Jeep CJ 8 Steel Body Tub High Res

    Body Tubs For CJ8 Jeeps

    This is a bit of a specialist one, but if it’s what you need there’ll be nothing else like it. Omix-ADA, a US manufacturer of Jeep accessories, has introduced a new replacement steel body tub for the CJ8.

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  • Rugged Ridge Performance Vented Hood Product Image Only High Res

    New JK Bonnet Is Cool In Every Sense

    If you're modding a current-model Jeep Wrangler and finding yourself running into problems with overheating, Rugged Ridge has just introduced a solution that ticks every box we can think of. Available for all JK Wranglers from 2007-on, the Performance Vented Hood is a retro-fit bonnet with extra ventilation areas –...

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