100% Aluminium Hard-Tops For Pick-Ups

Originally Published: July 2014

When you fit a hard-top on a pick-up truck, one of the biggest drawbacks you face is that in the eyes of the taxman, its weight has to be subtracted from the vehicle’s payload. And if that pulls it under the all-important 1000kg limit, he’ll take your children away, sell them into slavery and buy himself a Rolex.

Now, Alu-Cab says it specialises in building pick-up canopies from aluminium ‘because of the greater properties aluminium provides, the extra strength, reduced weight and good durability.’ All fine things – but the company’s hard-tops weigh from as little as 50kg, and depending on the truck you drive that could mean the difference between your business being viable and, well, not.

New to the UK market thanks to importer Xtreme Sales, the Alu-Cab range is available for a number of models. The canopies can absorb slight impacts and even flex slightly, which could be worthwhile if you’re carrying a load over rough terrain.

They’re all built with large side doors, which fully open up to allow easy access to the load in the pick-up bed. All are made to suit customer requests and vehicle use – you can tailor their interior fittings to suit pretty much whatever you want to do, be it work or play.

There are bolts for ammo boxes and fridge slides, jerry can holders, gas bottle holders and just about anything else. Whatever accessories or equipment you need to fit the canopy out for can be added or removed at any stage.

Crossmembers, meanwhile, brace the canopy roof to allow direct loading – handy if it means you don’t have to shell out extra for a roof rack. Tents frames can be bolted directly to the roof, too, helping to keep a lower profile and therefore reducing wind drag.

That’s good for your pocket and the world around you, and so is this. Because the canopies are produced from pure aluminium, at the end of its life cycle it can simply be melted down and recycled.

From £1900 plus VAT, these aren’t cheap to buy. But they promise to be very worthwhile to own. Visit www.xtremesales.co.uk to find out more.


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