What a Wind Up...

Originally Published: September 2013

We're not sure what use it is off-road, but we’ve come across plenty of 90 and 110 owners who want to upgrade to electric windows. So the new Deluxe Electric Window kit from Spal is just the ticket.

This contains two power winder mechanisms, along with universal fitting parts for two windows. So yes, they can be used on any vehicle, not just Land Rovers. It’s only that we’re struggling to think of any that don’t have electric windows already.

Fitting the kit is a simple process of removing the door card and winder handle, fitting the drive cogs and slipping the drive head on to them. Then you just need to mount the motor and wire it up; switches aren’t included in the kit, but you do get wiring guides to suit the many different types there are available.

The kit will take care of two windows. Got a four-door? Buy two kits. It’s universal, remember. The price is £130.34 including VAT, and you can buy them direct from www.spalautomotive.co.uk.


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