Salvation for tatty bulkheads

Originally Published: September 2015

YOU KNOW THAT OLD JOKE ABOUT MAN-MADE OBJECTS that are visible from the moon? Well, the light coming through the holes in an old Defender’s bulkhead aren’t man made, strictly speaking, but you get the idea.

Anyway, almost everyone who’s owned an old 90 or 110 has had to face the truth at some point. These things rust. Oh, how they rust. You’re that much more likely to have to deal with the fact, too, because while galvanised chassis are pretty common nowadays you’re far less likely to see a bulkhead that’s been given the treatment.

Leave it long enough and the only answer will be to fit a whole new bulkhead, but if you’ve caught it in time Britpart’s new repair panels might save the day. These are handed, obviously enough, with separate parts numbers for nearside and offside units.
Whichever you need, expect to pay around £35 plus the VAT. Not too expensive, then – which is good, because chances are you’ll need both… They’re at


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