Handsome, hardcore header tank

Originally Published: September 2015

THERE’S NOTHING QUITE LIKE A BIT OF POLISHED ALUMINIUM to light things up in a Land Rover’s engine bay. Obviously, though, it only counts if it also has a function, but that’s fine – we don’t drive these things because they look pretty, do we?

Okay, best not answer that. Anyway, Britpart is now carrying an ally header tank for the Defender TD5 and TDCi. A direct replacement for the plastic original, which has been known to split (and, more to the point, looks about as exciting as a lettuce sandwich), this is made from high-grade lightweight alloy and TIG-welded by hand. It’s designed with an integral mount making it a straight fit, with no mods required, and uses the pressure release screw cap from the original.

Britpart says the tank is ideal for motorsport or overland use – we’d add hardcore playday fun and prolonged laning to the list, too. And of course, it looks cool. A few quid over the ton with the VAT included if you shop around – that’s plenty more than the plastic OE costs, but you’ll have paid more to get less in life. Shopping around is definitely a good idea; Britpart will point you towards your nearest dealer if you visit www.britpart.com.


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