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  • 0514robbmain1

    A Hybrid Among Hybrids

    Being a chartered engineer by trade gave Sean Robb a head start when it came to restoring his well worn 60-Series Land Cruiser. But that only begins to tell the story of a truck whose chassis and body are both hybrids in their own right.

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  • knightmain1

    Knight Rider

    Steve Knight’s Range Rover-based hybrid may be black, but that’s where the similarity with The Hoff’s Pontiac ends. Because whereas KITT was full of electrical wizardry, Steve’s car is all about keeping things as straightforward as possible…

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  • 0909schremain1

    Flipping Marvellous

    Daan Schreuders insists that his 88-inch hybrid is neither ‘ultimate’ nor ‘extreme.’ Both are the kind of words you probably would associate with the massive back-flip it performed for the camera at Tixover in 2005 – but apart from proving the solidity of Daan’s rollcage, its famous crash simply drew...

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  • 8066 084

    In At The Deep End

    Gary Andrews used to race dragsters, and now he’s aiming to climb to the top of the Howlin’ Wolf Challenge. Well, it’s about time. He has been off-roading for more than three years, after all… 

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  • 7076 068

    Jack Of All Trades

    Jack Ellis began driving at seven, co-built a Range Rover bobtail at twelve and scooped top honours at this year’s Donington Show with an expertly crafted 88-inch hybrid. Not bad credentials. Especially for a fourteen-year-old...

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  • 1005whalemain3

    Whale of a Time

    It’s easy to build your own hybrid Land Rover and have it looking just as good as a factory-fresh 90. All it takes is a decent donor vehicle, a few extra lumps of metal and a bit of hard graft. Oh, and it helps if you’re handy at welding too…

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  • 0905turnhymain2

    Keeping It Real

    Adrian Turner’s hybrid Land Rover has been built to a budget of £6000 and is currently proving its mettle on the UK challenge scene. If nothing else, that sounds like two very good reasons for a closer look…

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  • 0605luffmain7

    Thirst For Power

    Ian Luffman’s Land Rover-based hybrid is fitted with a 5.9-litre engine which produces over 300bhp. It took five years to build and has a unique spaceframe construction that negates the need for a roll cage… still think hybrids are the poor man’s 90?

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  • 0105wensmain5

    Clean and Tidy

    Fraser Wenseth set out to build a clean, tidy coil-sprung Land Rover for the road. What he ended up with is in many ways exactly the opposite. And it’s all the better for it.

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