Body armour that's not chequered

Originally Published: November 2015

ADDING SOME LIGHTWEIGHT CLADDING to the body of a Defender can be one of the best ways of giving it some extra durability – and in some cases practicality. But what happens if you don’t like the look of chequer plate?

You turn to Bearmach’s new Wing Protectors and Bonnet Protector, that’s what. These items are fashioned in plain aluminium measuring 3mm thick and finished in black.

They prevent scratching of the bonnet and wings when laning and even provide a surface for you to stand on when accessing a roof rack – but without the worry that as well as your jerry cans, you’re also lifting off the paint.

These protectors are compatible with Defenders up to 2007 and are pre-drilled ready for fitting.

The Bonnet Protector retails at around £70, while the Wing Protectors are priced at about £50 per wing. In each case, that’s including VAT. Head for to find out more.


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