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    Saved From The Knacker's Yard

    This old warhorse was due to be put down, but Delwyn Roberts brought it back to life. As retirements go, it’s definitely not a peaceful one, but it sure beats getting broken up for parts...

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    The Accidental Tourist

    Manraj Flora says he built his L200 by accident. All he wanted was a four-door family car... but having been bitten by the off-road bug, he’s ended up with a super-cool daily driver that’s also a top-notch toy and will one day carry him forth on the trip of a...

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  • Q2X8674 main

    Ten-Day Wonder

    Building a truck for long-distance off-road work is a big job. Wiring it up to be a state-of-the-art mobile filming unit is bigger still. Doing both? Well, that’s enormous. Especially when you’re given all of ten days in which to get it done...

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    Living The 4x4 Life

    You hear a lot about the blinged-up versions of Mitsubishi’s legendary L200 pick-up. Ian James’ 4Life is less chrome-clad than some – but it’s way less standard, having been prepped to live up to its name both at work and at play.

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  • L200 Trojan Action 43

    Mitsubishi L200 ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    It doesn't seem long since we were reviewing Mitsubishi’s new L200 Barbarian, but here we are already with yet another addition to the company’s seemingly ever-changing double-cab range. This time, it’s only a special edition model – albeit one with a very familiar name. 

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  • 1205abelmain1

    Ready, Willing and Abel

    Chris Abel owns a modified Mitsubishi L200 that he’s not afraid to use off-road. It’s also a reliable workhorse and comfortable motorway mile-muncher. Hands up if you still think double-cab pick-ups are no more than lifestyle accessories…

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  • 0705smithmain2

    Rising Above It

    As part of the fallout from our infamous Mitsubishi L200 Animal test earlier this year, we were put in touch with Mark Smith, who owns a tidily prepped example that’s set up for off-roading and 4x4 travel alike.

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