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  • wardmain2new

    Fit For Purpose

    When we put a picture of Chris Warden’s TJ on our Facebook page, someone called it boring. Mind you, they also called it a Land Rover. It’s neither of those things – though it probably is fair to say that it’s less showy most of the Wranglers you see people building.

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  • mormain1

    Going Jeep

    Ivan Morley fell in love with Jeeps during an off-road driving day organised by the American manufacturer. Since then, he’s owned two Cherokees and a Wrangler – so who says marketing doesn’t work?

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  • 7129 120

    Easy On The Eye

    Devon 4x4 might not be a company you associate with lifestyle 4x4 accessories. But as this Wrangler shows, Simon Buck and co. can create quite a head-turner when they’re asked to – and it’ll still hold its own in the rough stuff.

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  • 7072 128

    Thrown In At The Jeep End

    When Karl Pearson's wife bought him an off-roading holiday for his birthday, little did she know what she'd started. But when Karl began to make the ultimate TJ Wrangler, he soon discovered that starting was the easy part - it was knowing when to stop that was the problem...

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  • 6032 024


    Iwan Jenkins’ Jeep Wrangler is one of TOR’s all-time favourite modded off-roaders. When we got a phone call telling us it had recently been fitted with G-Wagen axles, therefore, we jumped at the chance to pay a return visit.

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