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  • DSC 7922new

    Go West

    Richard Morsley had already owned a succession of 4x4s, all of them from Land Rover. But then he decided to head west across the Atlantic and buy a Jeep Cherokee instead. A great way to stand out from the crowd, sure – but how much off-road ability did he sacrifice...

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  • 12089 21 action

    Cherokee and Proud

    You could argue that the Grand Cherokee on the previous article is more heavily modified than it really needs to be for overland travel. But you’d never say the same about Tony Willetts’ Cherokee, which remains a daily driver – as well as taking part in monthly winch challenges, and...

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  • middmain2

    Free Radical

    Bart Middleton has built a niftily capable Jeep Cherokee that looks a bit special and puts on a show off-road. It’s cheap to run by Cherokee standards, too… and to build? Well, it was absolutely free.

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  • 55763jee

    Jeep Cherokee ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    The third generation of Jeep’s original 4x4 wagon is no longer a Discovery rival in terms of price, kit or luxury. But suddenly there’s a range of tarmac-bashers trading on the brand’s iconic status – meaning the Cherokee can at last concentrare more on being a proper off-roader.

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    Big In America

    Ged Wade’s Cherokee is one of only a handful outside the USA fitted with Skyjacker’s eight-inch suspension lift. So was it worth the effort to convert a left-hand-drive kit to suit a right-hooker Jeep?

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