Warn's New Winch Hooks and Shackles

Originally Published: June 2014

Not content with making winches everybody wants, Warn has introduced a range of hooks and shackles that somehow manage to introduce sexiness to a subject you thought was immune to it. They’re coated with Cerakote, you see, which provides maximum protection and reliability against wear and abrasion – and also gives them a really funky looking finish.

The hook is available in three different varieties, depending on winch capacity: up to 5000lb, 12,000lb and 18,000lb respectively. They’re priced at £75, £58 and £39 respectively, including VAT.

As a bonus, you could even have a beer while winching (no, mother, not really), as the hook also features a built-in bottle opener. Only if you want to get it drunkenly wrong and end up on the receiving end of what could act like the world’s most painful cheese-grater, though. It’s a nice feature for use by sensible people, nonetheless.

Anyway, back to what else Warn is now offering in the UK. The brother in the range to the hook is the new Premium Winch Shackle, also coated in Cerakote and designed to let you link looped cable ends, straps and snatch blocks, with a threaded pin for easy removal and fixing. The shackle is available in two capacities, 18,000lb and 5000lb, retailing at £42 and £28.

Further info on all these hooks and shackles, and indeed on everything else Warn sells in the UK, is available from Arbil at www.arbil.co.uk/4x4.


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