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  • FlatLink

    Paddock Brings Factor 55 to UK Market

    Paddock Spares has launched the Factor 55 range of recovery products into the UK. Aimed at the top end of the winching market, these come from the USA and consist of two product ranges, the Prolink and the Flatlink. 

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  • D44 fairleads

    You Can't Say Fairer Than This...

    It's pretty obvious that one of the things a hawse fairlead has to do is be smooth and slippery. Not a big ask when it’s brand new, but after a few hardcore recoveries have seen a gritty, muddy winch rope dragged over its surface under enormous tension, it would take...

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  • Damar1

    Personalised Pulling Power

    It's muddy. It's cold. Everyone’s getting stuck and there are recoveries going on left, right and centre. All you want to do is get back in the cab and drive, so as soon as you’re moving again you just chuck your towing gear back in your truck and away you go.

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