Revisions for Warn's Wireless Remotes

Originally Published: January 2014

Warn's latest remote control system is a model of simplicity. You plug the receiver into the remote socket on your winch’s control pack and… that’s it.

This isn’t the first such kit from Warn, but the company promises it’ll be even easier to operate than the original with a set-up time of just a few seconds. ‘The new control system really is a “plug-in and play” experience,’ says UK importer Arbil 4x4.

With the kit in place, you can operate your winch wirelessly from up to 50 feet away. As the system is designed to integrate with a standard control pack, you can also go back to cable operation whenever you want.

The transmitter comes with a holster that can be mounted on your dashboard (or pretty much any other flat surface), and you also get a retention strap for the receiver which prevents it from being shaken loose if the terrain gets barmy enough for long enough to make that an issue. We’re talking about Warn, here, so that’s very barmy indeed.

The system is is available exclusively through Arbil 4x4 dealers. To find one, visit


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