Personalised Pulling Power

Originally Published: March 2013

It's muddy. It's cold. Everyone’s getting stuck and there are recoveries going on left, right and centre. All you want to do is get back in the cab and drive, so as soon as you’re moving again you just chuck your towing gear back in your truck and away you go. You’ll worry about putting it away tidily later.

If you’re been in that situation, there’s a pretty good chance that you know what happens next. You get home, you go to sort out the muddy mess behind your seats and… someone’s gone home with your recovery strap. And you’re never going to get it back again, because they’ll have no way of knowing whose it is, will they? It’s just a strap, innit.

Oh no it’s not. Not if you got it from Damar Webbing Solutions. Because they can do you a strap with a personalised label on it – your name, vehicle registration, mobile number, website address, what have you. Beautifully simple and very effective, and you could see it working for a club, too – in which case Damar offers discounts for bulk orders.

On that subject, the company is very active in sponsoring events, so they’re the kind of people who deserve to be liked. Which is what the customer base they’ve been building over the last quarter of a century does. To join that happy throng, visit to And start thinking up what you want it to say on your label.


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