Money For New Rope

Originally Published: August 2013

‘The world’s first dedicated winch challenge winch rope.’ That’s a bold enough claim to be going on with, but First Four says its new Shadow Comp-Line rope is exactly that. Produced by leading manufacturer English Braids, it was developed with First Four’s input to be a rope that would be appropriate to the latest high-power competition winches.

The rope is derived from 17mm Dyneema, which is subjected to a two-stage heat-stretching process which actually alters its molecular structure. The result is a rope that’s only 13mm in diameter but which has been repeatedly tested to a break load of 19.66 tonnes.

Being narrower means you can get more of it on your drum, of course, which is another potential advantage. First Four suggests that it’s ideally suited to industrial and commercial applications too, such as forestry and vehicle recovery, as well as being ‘a huge leap forward for winch challenge competitors’.

Ready to use Comp-Line ropes can be ordered in any length, and you can also buy it for self-splicing. The latter option costs £15.78 per metre, or a 38mm full rope with competition hook will set you back £575. Those prices include the VAT, but they’re still a lot more than the company’s regular Shadow winch line. You can expect to get what you pay for with this stuff, though. To put us to the test on that claim, head for


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