ARB Launches Zeon Mount for Hi-Lux

Originally Published: February 2014

If you're putting a winch on a Japanese 4x4 and want an off-the-shelf bumper for it, ARB is probably the first name you’ll think off. The latest product from the Aussie giant is a winch mount kit for the Toyota Hi-Lux that’s tailored specifically to Warn’s Zeon range, and it’s suitable for all vehicles in the range from 2005-on.

The good news is that this means it’s for the best Hi-Lux Toyota has yet made. The mount had to be engineered with enough clearance to fit the winch’s body, but having done so ARB offers it for both the Zeon 8 and 10 (see above).

‘Without using a Zeon Winch Mount Kit,’ says UK importer Arbil, ‘the clearance on the mount is not great enough. This could potentially affect the airbag activation, so the new mount kit is a must-have.’

The kit comes with a complete control box mount bracket, along with the hardware you need for fitment. Prices hadn’t been announced by the time of writing, but a visit to should keep you right.


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