The Dawning of an Awning...

Originally Published: October 2014

Rhino-Rack's latest product for helping you make the most of your vehicle is the Foxwing Eco 2.1, a 270-degree awning which folds out to go right around the back and one side of your vehicle.

Shaped sort of like three-quarters of an enormous umbrella, the awning provides a shaded area of 6.7 square metres. It’s waterproof, rust-proof and UV-resistant, and Rhino-Rack says it can be set up and packed down in a matter of minutes.

The awning is designed to be mounted to the vehicle – it’s not just a free-standing job – and comes in a kit complete with brackets to fit Rhino-Rack’s own Vortex and Heavy-Duty roof bars. You’ll still be able to use it if your truck is already rigged up with Euro bars or a Pioneer tray, or indeed a cargo system from a different manufacturer, but you’ll have to get an optional fitting kit.

Also optional is an extension tent which covers the entire vehicle – definitely worthwhile if you’re going travelling in a very hot climate. But the standard issue does include all the poles you need, complete with camlocks to keep them in place, as well as pegs and ropes to stop it all blowing away.

Rhino-Rack says the Foxwing is suited to ‘utilities and small to medium SUVs,’ which is some sort of foreign talk for pick-ups and 4x4s. The company’s own pictures show it being used with a Defender 90, anyway, and calling one of those an SUV is like spilling its pint.

The awning is available via TBR, whose RRP for the basic kit is £395 including the VAT. To find out more, pay a visit to


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