ARB's New Swag Bags For Kids

Originally Published: May 2014

If you’re of the opinion that ARB stands for hardcore off-road kit and not much else, you’re probably not alone. But the name behind the legendary Air-Locker is also very big in the world of overland camping kit, and its latest product falls into that category.

Ideal for summer fun, this is a kids’ Swag Bag – basically a miniature version of ARB’s SkyDome Swags for adults. Measuring 750mm wide by 1800mm long they’ll comfortably sleep children of up to around 12, and to prevent gender-related angst you can get them in either Fourby Blue or Ariel Purple.

The bags are easy to pitch and can be used free-standing or, if the wind’s up, secured with pegs and guy ropes. They’re priced at £185 (RRP) and you can find out where to get them by visiting


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