TBR Launches Rhino-Rack LED Lighting Kit For Every Occasion

Originally Published: April 2014

Driving in the dark is easy. Just switch on your headlights and happy days. But once the driving’s over and the camping’s begun, those same headlights probably don’t point in the right direction – especially if you’ve got an awning or similar apparatus hooked up to the side or back of it.

Australian company Rhino-Rack specialises in just such items, and its latest product is an
all-inclusive LED set that’ll help you see your way around in just about any situation, whatever it is you drive.

Available in the UK through TBR Accessories, the kit includes four 50cm LED strip lights, each with its own on-off dimmer switch, as well as all the connectors, leads, adaptors and so on you need to run them from your vehicle’s battery or 12v supply. The lights are dustproof, waterproof and impact-resistant, and their housings are magnetic on the back so you can mount them on metal surfaces. No, not the bodywork on your Land Rover, but the good news is that there are plenty of other ways to position them too.

With all four lights shining at full power, the kit puts out a mighty 2880 lumens of 5500k pure white light. That’ll light up a large area around your truck, but if you want them situated some way away from it in the first place you also get a 10-metre connector to power them with.

‘What’s great about LED lighting,’ says TBR, ‘is that they produce minimal to no heat, are lightweight and can be mounted to many items. And best of all, they attract less insects than any other traditional means of lighting.’

The whole shooting match comes in its own tailored carry case, and it’s hard to imagine any end to the outdoor situations in which the kit could come in handy. One to keep in the back of your truck as part of your permanent equipment list, for sure. It costs £209 including VAT for the whole kit, and you can find out more by visiting www.tbruk.com.


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