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  • Model 8700DRL Black EVO2 2

    Evo2 Headlamps for Jeep and LR

    Auto electrical specialist Mobile Centre has just launched its new Model 8700 Evo2 headlamp range – a set of 7” round lights specifically tailored for the Land Rover Defender but also suitable for use on certain versions of the Jeep Wrangler.

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  • SHOT 2D

    Ring Lighting Options Illuminate Defenders

    The list of things people like about Land Rover Defenders goes on and on and on. It contains a lot of things. But ‘headlights’ doesn’t tend to be among them.

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  • DA6280K

    Truck-Lites Shine Out For Land Rover

    Britpart has started stocking a range of Truck-lite LED headlamps, including these replacement units for various Land Rovers. These project pure white light from a pair of LED arrays per unit, and have a multi-volt design suitable for use with both 12V and 24V systems.

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  • britpart lights

    Britpart's Bright Ideas

    New from Britpart is a Xenon 7” universal fit headlamp upgrade kit including the Xenon Ultima – the first auto bulb, it boasts, to put 120% more light on the road. The kits offered by Britpart dealers are suitable for Defenders, Series Land Rovers and the Range Rover Classic.

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