Sealey launches 360 family of LED lights

Originally Published: November 2015

TECHNOLOGY IN THE LIGHTING FIELD is constantly evolving towards more efficient, brighter and longer life bulbs. Sealey is constantly developing  new designs and concepts to ensure the user has the best experience… which is why the company came up with its patented ‘360°’ Family.

The 360° lamp is the perfect helpmate, which can illuminate your workspace no matter where you are. It can hang, attach and best of all, be set to any angle you need, from any angle you want, thanks to its unique 360° rotating ball feature in the base. The robust ball rotation mechanism allows the user to both swivel and bend the torch at any angle. This unique feature, along with its powerful magnets, means that you can position it in the most awkward of spaces, leaving you with both hands free  to work and your work area illuminated.  No matter where you are, there is sure to be somewhere you can attach or hang these lamps.

The new LED3602 has recently been added to the LED360 range and will be available to purchase from the end of October. Their
7 SMD LED’s give optimum illumination with a 120° wide spread of light and their tough, rubberized outer body protection offers a strong, non-slip grip, useful for all applications and uses.

Available in camouflage, blue, red, green, yellow or black these innovative lamps will be on everyone’s wish list from home use, through to all trades and industries. Visit


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