T-24: Lazer Talk For 'As Bright As It Comes'

Originally Published: September 2014

The T-24 is the daddy of Lazer’s LED off-road lighting range. As its name suggests, it features a bank of 24 high-powered LEDs, between them kicking out 20,830 lumens and projecting a hybrid beam to an astonishing distance of 897 metres.

Putting out more light than any other Lazer product, the T-24 has the company’s familiar thermal management system – meaning the LEDs remain at their optimum temperature for maximum light output regardless of the temperature outside the lamp. They’re watertight to IP67 and housed in a fully aluminium body with a Gore-Tex breather membrane and a ‘virtually unbreakable’ hardcoated polycarbonate lens.

The LEDs themselves come from ‘class-leading manufacturers,’ whose claim for their lifespan allows Lazer to quote a run time of more than 50,000 hours. The unit comes with a three-year warranty and should cost in the region of £800 including VAT: a visit to www.lazerlamps.com will certainly (are you ready for this?) enlighten you…


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