Smart Spanner For Hose Fixings

Originally Published: November 2013

Unless you're a professional mechanic and spend a lot of time twisting flexible hoses on and off, buying a set of AN spanners for that job alone might seem like a bit of an extravagance. But your standard spanners won’t fit them, so what’s to do?

Ask that question with Viper Performance around and it will quickly pipe up (ha ha ha) with an answer, in the shape of a wrench with interchangeable AN/DASH sized heads.

Made from aluminium with a black anodised finish, the kit includes a smooth, rounded-edge spanner handle and six aluminium jaws, whose sizes are -3, -4, -6, -8, -10 and JIC. Viper says it’s ‘probably the most cost-effective way of installing hose ends without damaging or marking the fitting’s surface’ – a pretty obvious reference to what’s likely to end up happening if you try to save yourself a few quid by using the wrong tools for the job.

By ‘a few quid’ we mean a very affordable sounding £49.00 including VAT. It’s not an everyday tool but, as we always say in these circumstances, if there’s a group of you who all work on each other’s trucks it starts to sound like too much of a bargain to miss. All the info you need is at


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