Warn Quad Plough for Snow and More

Originally Published: January 2014

Quads are often able to keep moving in the sort of conditions that even a well equipped 4x4 will struggle to master. That includes deep snow – which is one reason why the range of ATV snowploughs from Warn is worth serious thought if you run a quad.

There are other reasons too, though. ‘These systems are designed for all-year-round use,’ says UK importer Arbil, ‘and are ideal for agricultural purposes such as clearing yards, pothole filling and moving medium-weight loads such as gravel, chippings or muck heaps.’

Warn’s plough systems offer a wide range of choices including either a Straight Blade (the heavy-duty option best suited to regular agricultural or site use) or a Tapered Blade, ideal for when snow shifting will be the main task. The latter can still scrape its share of turdage off a cow yard, but its curved profile was made with snow in mind – and it’s also best suited to Warn’s ProPivot, which rotates the blade by up to 28 degrees at the push of a button to shift the white stuff even faster.

As if that’s not enough choice, there’s also a Plow Bucket attachment (sorry about the spelling, but it’s a proper noun). Only compatible with the Straight Blade, this can lift a weight of 90kg and comes with a dump release operated from the driver’s seat.

All the ploughs can be lifted by your quad’s standard winch, assuming it’s got one. If it doesn’t, the ProVantage Plow Lift (where DO they get these names?), which ‘effortlessly lifts the plough with the activation of the included handlebar-mounted switch.’

If you’ve got a quad, good on ya. To make the most of what you’ve got, and forever be known as Mr Plow by Simpsons fans everywhere, pay a visit to www.arbil4x4.co.uk and find the name of your local dealer.


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