Vacuum Clean-Up

Originally Published: July 2013

The reality of building a 4x4 is that things like vacuum tubing end up becoming as important to you as tyres and axles. They’re certainly just as likely to spoil the fun if they go wrong.

Viper Performance makes vacuum tube in a variety of sizes, and that’s good because there’s every chance you’ll have a variety of uses for it. Boost gauge, windscreen washers, vacuum lines, brake servo…

Excellent news, then, is that Viper now offers its silicone vacuum tubing in Extra Value packs costing £25 including the dreaded. These include runs of 3, 4, 5 and 8mm ID tubing with nylon T-pieces, straight connectors and a selection of matching coloured cable ties. You can order them directly from Viper’s own site, at


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