Stick (But Not In The Mud)

Originally Published: March 2013

If this isn't the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life, you’re big mates with Johnny Depp or the Fonz. As if a 4GB USB memory stick hidden in a die-cast model of a Defender 90 wasn’t wonderful enough, the headlights flash when the stick is sending or receiving data. Oh yes they do.

The stick comes with an extension cable, so you can leave your Land Rover parked on top of your desk even when your computer’s USB port is only accessible by grovelling around in the dust down the back of it. And in case you think the stick itself looks a bit vulnerable poking out the back of the model like that, it retracts fully when not in use.

Available in white and silver/grey, the sticks can be had from Defender Bits at £19.99 a time. The same company has also just introduced a USB reader for camera memory cards, allowing you to upload the pics you’ve taken while once again scoring an excuse to have a die-cast 90 on your desk.

Admit it, you love them. Give in to that voice in your head and visit, and your desk will never be uncool again.


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